The Seven Words Game

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The Seven Words Game Dra-Mata

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They can develop logic, increase vocabulary and will not let your brain relax. This game has 777 different levels. To pass each level you have to show your intelligence and ability to think logically. At each level you will need to solve different complexities. Decipher the words that are hidden in the questions.

Read the sentence, on the contrary will be tiles, which mean the hidden word. Find the desired word at the bottom of the screen among the choices offered. Players are given two hints, which are restored after some time.

About 7 Words game

7 Words - A word game in which you can test your vocabulary. To pass each level you need to guess seven words on a given topic, and the answer is made up of letters. The guessed words are shown with dots. The number of letters in the word corresponds to the number of mapped dots.

You get stars for every guessed word. If you have enough stars, you can use hints. Hint opens a random letter, which will be displayed in all words where it is present. Or it is guaranteed to reveal a letter that is contained in at least one word.

Only the letters that are present in the answers are active on the keyboard. A word can consist of several words separated by a space, it also counts as a character. It is pre-displayed in the puzzled words. If you get stuck and can't pass any of the levels, you can see the seven little words answers on our website and continue to train your crossword puzzle skills.