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21 : White Hair Accessories Models White Hair occurs naturally as you age, but even if hair starts to turn gray, few individuals really wind up with a pure white color. The simple fact that this color rarely occurs naturally, coupled with the infamous difficulty involved in dyeing your hair, has produced white hair an uncommon sight. Anywhere you go […]

Living with frizz can be one of the things on the World once you have hair. You add so much effort to earn your hair look perfect before you walk from the home. Only two minutes after you catch the reflection in a shop’s window, and all you can see is a bird’s nest where your hair used to be. […]

Violet for a hair color can enliven an blonde look and pairs beautifully with chocolate brown. If you want a more complicated colour solution, utilize violet in highlights added to your natural hair color. You can combine those with highlights. Violet appears beautiful with burgundy, fuchsia, blue and teal. More ideas can be seen below. Fresh Violet Hair Colors For […]